I’m Patrick Slatin, part art director, part writer and part creative problem solver. Yes, the kind of “problem solving” touted in creative briefs, for sure. But also the day-to-day grind type of problems too; the stuff that happens beyond the client brief. So basically, all of the things that make a creative want to repeatedly punch themselves in the face.

I’ve been around, I was in NYC shooting on what is now known as 9-11. I’ve been at agencies that had to close due to the loss of a client. I’ve sold award winning ads on shoestring budgets as well as multi- million dollar Super Bowl spots. I’ve created campaigns, managed and motivated teams, run groups, won new business, helped save wavering pieces of business and yes, my bookshelves have collected a few awards. I’ve witnessed the advent of digital and social...and now AR& VR. I know whatever is being created is in response to a business problem.

In my off time I design, manufacture and market my own line of furniture under the Detroitable brand. I’ve also redesigned houses, restored cars and love to make things. I would love to help make things for Commonwealth.